Indiecisive’s Top 20 Tracks of the Year, 2018

Indiecisive’s final post of 2018, and the final end-of-year list for the year is here – my Top 20 Tracks of 2018. Thank you to everyone who’s read Indiecisive in 2018, I hope you’re looking forward to new content and most importantly new music in 2019 as much as I am.

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Indiecisive’s Top 10 Albums of the Year, 2018

The second of Indiecisive’s end-of-year lists for 2018 is here – my Top 10 Albums of the Year. If you want to buy any of the albums talked about in the Top 10, click on their titles below to use our Amazon affiliate links, which gets you the same great music at no extra cost, while supporting the blog at the same time! Without further ado…

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Indiecisive’s Top 10 Gigs of the Year, 2018

Another year ends, and another set of end-of-year lists begins. 2018 has been completely jam-packed with gigs, and some of the concerts that didn’t quite make this list were absolutely top-tier, but after much thought and some difficult decisions (perhaps the most difficult of any list I’ve done so far), Indiecisive’s Top 10 Gigs of 2018 are locked in…

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Indiecisive Recommends: December 2018

The final Indiecisive Recommends of 2018 has arrived ahead of all the end-of-year lists! Keep an eye out very soon for Indiecisive’s Top Gigs, Albums and Tracks of the Year, but until then, keep reading below for five more tracks that I think you should here! Be sure to follow the Indiecisive Recommends Spotify playlist HERE to find all the tracks in one place.

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Indiecisive Recommends: November 2018

We’re getting towards the end of the year, so it won’t be long until Indiecisive’s Top 10 Gigs, Top 10 Albums and Top 20 Tracks of the year arrive through December! Until then, here’s another edition of Indiecisive Recommends – thank you to everyone who’s read these so far, keep reading below for another five underrated tracks I think you need to listen to. Be sure to follow the Indiecisive Recommends playlist on Spotify HERE to listen to all the tracks in one place, updated as each new article is published.

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Indiecisive Recommends: October 2018

Happy Halloween! While it isn’t particularly spooky, it’s time for another Indiecisive Recommends featuring some absolutely amazing up and coming acts who I can tell you now are going to go on to big things. Give it a read, and more importantly give these acts a listen! Check out all the Indiecisive Recommends tracks in one place at our Spotify playlist HERE

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