Indiecisive Recommends: September 2018

Another edition of Indiecisive Recommends has landed, just in time for the end of the month! Be sure to follow the Spotify playlist here, so you can listen to all the Indiecisive Recommends tracks in one place!

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Indiecisive Recommends: August 2018

It feels like it’s come around faster than ever – a new Indiecisive Recommends is here! A mixed back as always, from obscure German prog-folk to fast-paced, hard indie rock – be sure to follow the Spotify playlist here, where you can listen to every Indiecisive Recommends track so far!

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Indiecisive Recommends: May 2018

Another month of Indiecisive Recommends is here, bringing plenty of lesser-known bands to the table, as well as another hidden gem from a band who’ve been around for decades. Don’t forget you can follow the Indiecisive Recommends Spotify playlist here, it’ll be updated monthly with new tracks for the ultimate ease of listening!

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Thoughts On… Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’

Arctic Monkeys. One of the great giants left standing from the British indie boom of the mid-’00s. After the absolute smash success that was their fifth album ‘AM’, the band reached new heights – a second Glastonbury headline slot, sold out arenas and a string of hit singles that are still played consistently on radios and in clubs to this day. Where on earth were they going to go from there? It’s safe to say, no-one expected what’s happened next.

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