My Top 5 Albums of the Year, 2015

Continuing my End of 2015 countdowns, here’s my top 5 favourite albums of the year! This was a tough list to cut down…

5) Stornoway – Bonxie

5 Stornoway Bonxie

Becoming more in sync with nature than ever before, Stornoway returned this year with ‘Bonxie’, sounding just as fresh as they did on their debut ‘Beachcomber’s Windowsill’. I was lucky enough to hear some of these tracks in their early stages at the Roundhouse in London back in August 2014 and even then I knew this was going to be something special. Crisp harmonies, beautiful imagery, Stornoway are more refined than ever.

Top Tracks – ‘Get Low’, ‘Josephine’

4) FFS – FFS


Franz Ferdinand and Sparks – as it turns out, a match made in heaven! While not without a couple of criticisms, this is a fantastic album that brought out the best in both bands while simultaneously creating a unique blend of the two. Some songs have more of one than the other, but contrary to the moral of the album’s penultimate track, collaborations DO work.

Top Tracks – ‘Call Girl’, ‘Little Guy From The Suburbs’

3) My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall

3 MMJ The Waterfall

It’s been a few years since we saw a My Morning Jacket album and this is one of their most cohesive sounding in years (not that mixed bag albums like ‘Evil Urges’ are a bad thing by any stretch!). With some very natural vibes and the usual perfection from the vocals of Jim James, this album continues the band’s sheer mastery of rock music. Here’s hoping they return to the UK next year!

Top Tracks – ‘Compound Fracture’, ‘Only Memories Remain’

2) Little Comets – Hope Is Just A State Of Mind

2 Little Comets HIJASOM

I’ve been following Little Comets for many years and their third album, Hope Is Just A State Of Mind, is their most ambitious yet. Showing incredible sonic depth and lyrics that pack more of a punch than they ever have, Little Comets continue to be one of the most fantastic bands in British music. Be sure to give their lyrics a good listen if you haven’t before – they’re stunning.

Top Tracks – ‘Fundamental Little Things’, ‘The Blur, The Line and The Thickest Of Onions’

1) Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

1 EE Get To Heaven

This is an album that from my very first listen, I knew was something very special indeed. It’s political, without being in-your-face about it. It’s catchy, without being annoying. It’s clever, without being inaccessible. Blending genres to create a fantastically unique sound, Everything Everything have been polishing and refining their style since their debut, Man Alive, and I feel that on this third album they have perfected it. Easily and without a doubt, my album of the year.

Top Tracks – ‘To The Blade’, ‘Blast Doors’

Well there you have it, my Top 5 albums of the year! I’ll be back before the new year is in with my Top 20 tracks of 2015, have a Merry Christmas!


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