A Look Back On… U2’s ‘Pop’

30 years ago this year, U2 released their seminal album ‘The Joshua Tree’ to mass critical acclaim, and it has gone on to become perhaps one of the most iconic albums of all time, – its anniversary is being celebrated with a special tour later this year. What U2 almost certainly won’t be celebrating, or perhaps even mentioning, is the anniversary of another album: 1997’s ‘Pop’. 20 years ago, the band released this album to mixed reviews and lacklustre sales, by U2’s standards at least, and the whole thing has been swept under the rug by the band. This is a terrible shame. This article will be looking back over ‘Pop’ and delving into why I believe it to be not only a great album, but quite possibly one of U2’s best.

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10 Album Round-Up Review (January-March 2017)

It’s been about a quarter of a year since reviews have appeared on this blog, but I’ve been quietly forming opinions on albums for the last three months – here’s ten albums I’ve listened to recently (well, 9 albums and an EP) and my thoughts on them. More blog posts to be appearing soon!

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