Indiecisive Recommends: March 2018

As seems to be the case every year, it’s been a quiet start to 2018 for Indiecisive, but things have been brewing in the background and I’d like to present the first edition of Indiecisive Recommends. This is a feature I’ve been toying with for a while and it’s gone through a few different iterations but what I’ve settled on is what you’ll find below – each month I’ll be posting a selection of recommendations of tracks that I’ve been listening to; new tracks and old, big bands and small. This is a way for me to talk about some of the music I love that I wouldn’t normally get to cover in the usual album-based format of this blog.

You can even find the tracks compiled in a Spotify playlist HERE which will be updated with the new Indiecisive Recommends tracks each month. Feel free to give it a follow!

Flyte – Moon Unit (2018)

After releasing one of my favourite albums of last year and one of the strongest debut albums I’ve heard in a long time, I wasn’t expecting to hear from Flyte for a while at least, but last December they entered a studio on the Isle of Wight, writing and recording two songs over the course of three days.

One of these two is the beautiful ‘Moon Unit’, a three and a half minute slice of pure bliss with a remarkably Beatlesque breakdown in the second half. This is a slightly spacier side to Flyte and perhaps a glimpse at where they’ll be going on their second album – whether this is the band’s new sound or not, they’re proving on ‘Moon Unit’ (and the accompanying, equally great ‘Victory Girls’, which treads into some Fleet Foxes-esque territory towards the end) that they’re here to stay.

Nice Biscuit – Boogie Board Muck Around (2017)

There’s a lot of interesting music coming out of Australia at the minute, and Nice Biscuit is another band producing some wonderful psychedelic rock – fans of the Murlocs and King Gizzard’s earlier work need look no further for a fun new dose of harmonica-twinged surfer rock.

Also worth a listen is the band’s very different but equally danceable new single ‘Captain’ – this shows a much darker, sinister side to the band. If you’re looking for a new band to watch, this one is sure to be an interesting ride, because I genuinely have no idea where they’re going next.

Car Seat Headrest – Beast Monster Thing (Love Isn’t Love Enough) (2014)

Seattle-based solo project-turned-band Car Seat Headrest exploded into the limelight with their 2016 album ‘Teens of Denial’ which received worldwide critical acclaim. What many may not realise is that ‘Teens of Denial’ is the tenth Car Seat Headrest album – prior to the band’s signing to Matador Records in 2015, frontman Will Toledo self-recorded and self-released a plethora of albums on Bandcamp.

Tucked away in the ‘Singles & EPs’ section on Spotify is 2014’s ‘How To Leave Town’, Toledo’s last release before 2015’s major label debut ‘Teens of Style’, and it presents a crossroads between Will Toledo’s early home recordings and the bigger, full sound we hear on more recent Car Seat Headrest albums. ‘Beast Monster Thing’ is a perfect example of this – the themes discussed on this track will feel familiar to fans of Toledo’s more recent lyrical content, but there’s still some definite lo-fi production here.

The guitar riff on this track is huge and the chorus is even bigger. It’s raw, but complete, and is without a doubt one of his finest works.

Fleece – Under The Light (2017)

Montreal’s Fleece (who you may remember from a certain viral video) released their second album ‘Voyager’ in 2017 and it’s a playful, laid back take on modern psychedelic rock with a heartwarming message – the album is a letter from frontman Matthew Rogers to his teenage self, reassuring him that things aren’t as bleak as they may seem. This message of accepting yourself and not being held down by the secrets you’re keeping begins with ‘Under The Light’, a beautiful, smooth track that shows the (currently at least) lesser-seen dreamy side to psychedelic music. It’s a song that feels like a warm blanket and a mug of hot chocolate, and that’s exactly what the band intended.

Tennis – My Emotions Are Blinding (2017)

Tennis are a band I’ve managed to near-enough completely miss out on until the last month, and it’s a shame because they’re something rather special. ‘My Emotions Are Blinding’ comes from their fourth and most recent album ‘Yours Conditionally’, released in 2017 – the track has a catchy, vintage sound that sounds like something straight out of the Stevie Nicks playbook and it’s sure to satisfy any cravings for Fleetwood Mac fans.

That’s not to say it’s all just about their sound – on this track frontwoman Alaina Moore takes some brilliant jabs at gender roles both in the music industry and beyond with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about how ‘women are much closer to nature’ and how she’s ‘just a vehicle for the material’ (see also ‘Ladies Don’t Play Guitar’ from the same album). Tackling big topics while soaking them in nostalgia is this band’s forte, and I highly recommend it.

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