20 Mini Album Reviews to Round Up 2017

2017 is nearly coming to an end, and there’s still so many albums left to review. So many in fact, that here Indiecisive is trying a brand new format – the mini review. In one paragraph each, here’s my thoughts on 20 albums released in the latter months of 2017, in alphabetical order by artist. Let’s go.

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Thoughts On… Everything Everything’s ‘A Fever Dream’

It’s not often I dedicate a whole article to reviewing an album anymore, but Everything Everything is a band that will always be intrinsically linked with Indiecisive. The first ever review published on this website was of the band’s 2015 album ‘Get To Heaven’, and it’s safe to say my anticipation of their fourth release ‘A Fever Dream’ has been, well, fevered. As a band who are famed for their experimentation and unusual approach to songwriting, it’s always exciting to see where on earth they go next.

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